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How Do I Use the Gateway?

Gateway LED color codes help you identify the status of your gateway. The color guide and status index is shown below.

Solid Red

  • The gateway has power, but is not connected to the router or internet.
  • The gateway has been reset to factory defaults by pressing the button for more than 10 seconds.
  • The gateway has been removed from your network.

Solid Green

  • The gateway is not connected to the internet. Connection to the router is OK.

Solid Blue     

  • The gateway is successfully connected to the internet.

Flashing Red        

  • The gateway will allow equipment to join its connection. Press the button once to begin identification (See Flashing Green below).
  • Holding the button for more than three (3) seconds changes the LED from flashing red to solid blue, exiting the “permit-to-join” state.
  • If the button is not pressed after the red light flashes for more than 12 hours, the LED automatically changes from flashing red to solid blue, indicating a time-out and exiting the “permit-to-join” state.

Flashing Green     

  • The gateway is identifying equipment to be connected. If the button is pressed during this stage, LED returns to solid blue.
  • If equipment is not identified within 10 minutes, the identification process will time-out. If the time-out occurs, the gateway will change from flashing green to solid blue.

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