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TMP-Multi Panel Series

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February 13, 2017

HeatLink’s Three-way Mixing and Boiler Panels have been popular, but contractors have asked about adding additional circuits. HeatLink is meeting contractor’s needs with a new, more flexible, panel, the TMP-Multi Panel Series.

The TMP-Multi Panel Series all share a primary loop, optional primary pump, up to five (5) secondary circuits, simple electrical wiring, thermometers, and isolation valves on all circuits.

Hi temp circuits can be used for fan coils, domestic hot water (DHW) tanks, or baseboards. Low temp circuits include a thermostatic mixing valve to lower the supply water temperature for radiant heating. Multiple low temp circuits mean multiple supply water temperatures for different radiant areas. A common example of this is in combination radiant heating systems where basements have a “wet” installation and DryAbove™ or DryBelow™ systems are installed on upper floors.

The flexibility of the TMP Modular Panels means that this is the only panel you need for your residential or small commercial heating projects.

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