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How do I transfer my Smart System to another user?

Scenario 1: Contractor has setup system and needs to transfer to building owner.

Scenario 2: Building has been sold and previous owner needs to transfer to new owner.

Scenario 3: User needs to change email address.

Current User

  1. Select "Users" from the "Users and Permissions" menu
  2. Click the plus (+) icon to add a user
  3. Enter the new user email address
  4. Select "Owner" access level
  5. Click the "Send invitation" button

New User

  1. Have the new user click on "Get Connected" button in the invitation email.
  2. Enter a new password and confirm.
  3. Click  "Save New Password" button.
  4. When the "saved" dialog pops up, click the "Return to login" button.
  5. Sign in to the app.
  6. Update your profile settings.
  7. A "Success!" dialog will appear stating that you now have access to the system.
  8. Click on "View now" button.
  9. Remove access from the other user.
    1. Select "Users" from the "Users and Permissions" menu
    2. Click the "more" (···) menu to the right of the appropriate user and select "Remove access".
    3. Confirm that you want to remove access by clicking the "Yes" button.

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