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Glossary of Terms

Categories – Used to manage your equipment by type (equipment properties automatically categorize your equipment).

Dashboard – Lets you see and manage your equipment at a glance. Pin My Status, equipment, OneTouch, and groups for effortless home management from one screen.

Equipment – Any piece of hardware connected to a gateway.

Groups – To be used as navigational aids. Like folders on your computer, they can be used to help you organize and categorize your equipment in whatever way you like.


  • Temporary Hold – Allows you to maintain your thermostat at one temperature setting until your next interval is scheduled to begin.
  • Permanent Hold – Allows you to maintain your thermostat at one temperature setting until you cancel the permanent hold. No scheduled interval will override this setting.

HVAC – An acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems can also include moisture and air cleaning.

My Status – Sets the mood of your home by creating and organizing groups of rules that run your home equipment for one event or your whole lifestyle.

OneTouch – Lets you operate and create alerts automatically for one or more pieces of equipment with a single tap. Do you want to turn on lights in three different rooms at the same time? Set up a OneTouch.

Pins – Pins stick your most important items to the Dashboard for fast, easy access.

Reports – Provide insight into your home's energy usage based on data we receive from your equipment. Reports help you decide if you can manage your home more effectively by making big or small changes.

Schedules – Automatically run your thermostat heating or cooling preferred settings. Use our recommended default schedules or set your own.

Settings – Where you manage your profile and setup new equipment and data collection choices.

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