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Wet Systems

"Wet" or "poured" systems are where the PEX tubing is encased in a gypsum or concrete based topping.

Installation on top of the subfloor with light weight concete. Shown with sleepers for hardwood installation.
Wet Tracking on Subfloor Cross Section

Installation for ground floor (slab on grade).
Wet Installation on Ground Floor Cross Section

Subfloor Example

This home made use of "wet" or "poured" radiant floor heating systems throughout the entire house. The installation on top of subfloor was used on the main and second floors (2964 square feet). The basement and detached garage used the ground floor installation (approx. 1500 square foot basement and 720 square foot garage). The picture to the right shows the PEX tubing rough in and TwistSeal distribution manifold. The inset picture shows the area after the concrete had been poured.

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