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1/2" PEX F1807 No Lead Brass Ball Valve, Full Port

Short Description: 
1/2 PEX F1807 NLB BV FP
Date Introduced: 
April 18, 2022

No lead brass 1/2" PEX F1807 × 1/2" PEX F1807 full port straight ball valves with lever handle. SS press sleeves sold separately.

Features / Benefits: 
  • Full port, forged no lead brass body
  • PEX inserts comply with ASTM F1807
  • Quarter turn, rubber coated steel lever handle
  • PTFE (Teflon) packing and an o-ring on the stem provide a reliable seal
Thumbnail Stk# Title Publication Date Size Download
L3235 HeatLink Potable Water Systems Installation Guide 2019-06-21 4.27 MB Download
Look Whats New, Brochure
L5838 PEX F1807 No Lead Brass Ball Valves 2022-03-03 806.78 KB Download
SUB23300NL PEX F1807 Ball Valve No Lead Brass Submittal 2022-01-18 253.59 KB Download
Image Stk# Product Name Status
Graphic of 1/2" SS Press Sleeve 24205 1/2" SS Press Sleeve Active

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