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SSP - Stainless Steel Manifold Pump Panels


SSP Series Panels are distribution panels with their own pump to supply radiant areas that use the same supply water temperature. Typical applications include radiant heating in conjunction with a 3WMIX or 4WMIX mixing panel, radiant cooling, and snow melting.

The base SSP panel includes:

  • Recessed or surface mount housing (skirting by others). Visible parts are made of satin coated steel that is ready to paint without priming. Recessed enclosure depth allows for mounting in a 2×6 wall.
  • One key lock and one or two coin locks.
  • 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 loop 76100 series SS Manifold with Flow Meters or 76200 series High Flow SS Manifold. One loop is closed and plugged.
  • Pre-wired UPS 15-58 pump (SSPS series) or UPS 26-99 pump (SSPL series).
  • Top or bottom mains feed available.
  • Isolation valves.
  • Thermometer.

One of the following control packages is required:

  • StatLink® module (thermostats1).
  • BMS (sensors by others).

Optional factory installed manifold add-ons:

  • Pressure activated bypass2 (#76937).
  • Side mount automatic air vent2 (#76935).
  • Actuator with LED (#56201) installed on manifold and wired to StatLink® module (SSASL required).

Optional factory housing upgrades:

  • Upgrade surface mount housing material to stainless steel.
  • Upgrade surface mount housing to extended housing.

PEX to manifold connecters are sold separately.

1 Thermostats are sold separately.

2 Pressure activated bypass and side mount automatic air vent are not compatible and can't be used on the same panel.

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